Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flashback-a simple memory

Now I'm at TBS.. Everytime I walk into the main entrance..I smiled my self..I still remembered the first time I came here..sit there..waiting for you..its a little bit late..i afraid if anything happen to you..i keep texting..asking where were I seat at departure gate 14-16..the one that I always accompany you when you went always take KKKL bus said KKKL bus old..but I see its new..I always wonder how downstairs look alike..because you only allowed to go I manage to see myself..but remember one time? not arrived here..but in Shah Alam..following your friend..I was so worried that if you cant manage yourself to come here.. worried if anything happen to you..we not even know people around right..?and you easily trust people.. You always say are a man.. you can manage a man..but I still worry dont know why..but already proved to can manage yourself well..very well.. You are totally a man..a strong man..I see it now..Well done dear..

#just a little flashback
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