Monday, September 14, 2015

Its not easy to be me...

Tonight The Last Thing in My Lyan just nak share..actually its not easy to stand alone..

its not be me..

to stand alone..when everybody was not with me..

to stand alone..when everybody say no..
and I say yes..

to stand alone..when everybody dont trust..
but I keep hoping and believing..

to stand alone..when everybody knows..
and I try to hide..

but..why I keep standing alone..although its hard??

because..Im not alone actually..

I have Him..I have Him I still Him I keep hoping..

I know..99.99% its impossible..

but I trust Allah can do everything..even its just 0.01%

To Allah I rely..
To Allah I pray..

because I trust I have Allah..then..I trust it can happen.. nothing impossible..

If one by one my dua was accepted by Him..

Maybe mine will be next..

I keep dua..and let the rest to Allah..

Whatever happened.. I know..its the best..InsyaAllah..amin..

#May my dreams..come true..for the last half part..

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