Sunday, October 18, 2015

Atkins Diary-Induction Phase (for my research)

Hi dear..ceewaahh bajet mat salleh.. I just wanna review about my 3days streak of atkins diet.

The second day..i went lunch at stall only. I'm not really have time to prepare the lunch. So, i order beef soup. my favourite compare to the chicken one. i'm kinda type of not easily boring with what i like or love.

So, since i dont know the actual ingredients inside for the soup. So I assume they maybe put some sugar inside. As precaution, steps I wont finished the soup. I just take the beef itself.😂😂

Sajian Lestari Sup Daging

For dinner.. I'm having some simple dishes which is eggs.. This time my sexy eggs is 60% sexy.. I had about 3-4 eggs added with some black and white pepper to reduce the smell of eggs. This time I wont take picture because my handphone out of battery.

Then..yesterday I had 1 slice of Ramly Chicken Burger (the meat only) and I coated it with 2 eggs and on the top of them and i put on some chesdale. This meat gave me 7carbs, thats why I only took a slice. I always take care of my carbs when saw it on nutritional facts but the one who hidden I just close my eyes..🙈🙈

The meat below the eggs actually.

Yesterday Im so busy. I only had my breakfast  and then only have the second meal at 7.30pm. I feel like wanna die already. I thinks because of I cut off the intake of carbs then I need to consume enough protein for energy. Thats why most atkiners eat 3 times daily. If not I will feel very tired.

Last night I had some beef grill. I have grill at 200°C for 1hour. Yet, I still dont now either its fully cooked or not, I just put into my mouth..Cant resist the hunger anymore on that time..hahaha..Also dont have picture to show. My brain only look at the beef to cooked.Cannot think of anything else..The beef I dipped into "sambal tempoyak". The taste was crazy and I know its have lot of carbs but I just assume dont know. 

Last night I wont go to the gym because my left leg hurt. I think the muscle injured due to practice kicking of punching bag 50 times each legs.

So I try to do some oopsie bread. 1st trial so bad..but the second is better. For the recipe better search on google and the technique is very very important. If you do wrong it will become pancake not bread.

Oopsie bread of 2nd trial

Today I fasting without eating sahoor. I hope I still have energy until break-fasting. I love sleeps more then sahoor, but in Ramadhan I will wakeup for sahoor. Remember the last 3 days when I start the atkins diet my weight is 59.++ (can check from my previous post). I cant remember the exactly value. So today early in the morning I went to production site and weighed myself. Im so happy when the 58.4 appeared. I have lost 1kg for last 3 days streak. Even not much but still grateful. cheated with tempoyak.

Also today no gym day. My legs still hurt. Cannot do any exercise yet. Before ending my atkins diary. I will attach 2 more pictures of first day atkins diet. So bye and until we meet again.
Chicken grill with some burn eggs and cheese

Sexy eggs with Ramly chicken burger and chesdale

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